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We had another German chess player visit the tournament today

The morning today started with a chat with German chess player Elisabeth Pähtz in front of an audience of around 40 people. She presented her book and spoke about what got her inspired to start writing at all. It was a relaxed conversation around all sort of topics, from how Elisabeth started playing in the first place, who are her role models as well as more complicated questions around equality and the role of women in chess. Speaking about her own experiences growing up in a chess family she also spoke about the psycological implications that chess players are faced with these days, which is almost more important than the defending of pieces and more traditional battle on the board itself. Aftwards, the audience had a chance to get a copy of the book and have signed.

Team England 50-1 managed to get another 3.5 points in today's 7th round and they will face Team Bielefeld tomorrow. Germany in the category 50+ fought and got three points from their pairing against Berlin 1.

Amongst the 65+ Germany 3 managed to achieve 2.5 points and continues to stay on top of the current ranking. Team Lasker Schachstiftung had a clean sweep of 4 points against Cercle d'Echecs de Strasbourg and managed to get into second place.


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