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Dresdner Schachfestival e.V.

The 24th European Senior Team Chess Championship is in in full swing

and we have set a new record  - 76 teams with around 350 participants playing their games over the board we are delighted to have had such a great response to this tournament.

The 2nd round was played already and across the two rounds there have been 11 perfect results and currently Sweden 1 is in the lead in the 65+ category and England 50-1 in the category 50+

45 of the participating teams are from Germany and a further 15 countries are here: Sweden, France, Finland, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark, Scotland, Kosovo, Ireland, Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia and Liechtenstein.

The next few days will also see some extra chess events take place in addition to the tournament and Dr Robert Hübner and Elizabeth Pähtz will grace us with their presence.


Further reporting and pictures will be published over the next few days.

DSC 2453 Captains Meeting

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